Management Board

Sara Laureti President

Graduated in Chemistry (110/110 cum laude) at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” (2004), Sara has got a PhD in Material Science at the same university in 2007, with a thesis titled “Magnetic anisotropy in Co-based thin films”, the research activity being carried out at ISM-CNR, where she’s currently working as Permanent Researcher. Since the beginning of her scientific career, during the preparation of the PhD thesis, her work was devoted to the study of magnetic materials modulated at the nanoscale for important technological applications. In particular, she was involved in a many National and European Projects and due to an Erasmus fellowship, Sara spent six months at the Institute Néel, in Grenoble studying the effects of the size confinement in magnetically exchange coupled systems. She was the coordinator of a national FIRB project entitled “Tailoring the magnetic anisotropy of nanostructures for enhancing the magnetic stability of magnetoresistive devices” and was the principal investigator of a 2-years BAG project at the EXAFS beamline (LISA, ESRF, Grenoble) titled “Correlation between atomic ordering and magnetic properties in binary magnetic alloys”. She is author of more than 30 papers on ISI journals and conference proceedings, focused on the fabrication and study of the magnetic properties of nanostructured thin films and multilayers, nanoparticles and patterned systems. 

She is currently local coordinator of the MIUR Project "Il Linguaggio della Ricerca- dalla Ricerca alla Scuola...e ritorno",  a project that aims to contribute to the public understanding of science by creating a network between RESEARCH, SCHOOL and SCIENCE POPULARIZATION EXPERTS.

Davide Peddis Vice-President

Davide Peddis was born in Cagliari (Italy) in 1976. He graduated magna cum laude in Physical chemistry (2003) and obtained his PhD in Physical Chemistry (2007) at the University of Cagliari (PhD Thesis title: Nanostructured Magnets – Synthesis and characterization of CoFe2O4 nanoparticles). In the years 2007-2009 he worked as post-doctoral researcher at ISM – CNR. Actually, he is researcher at ISM-CNR. DP was visiting professor at the Le Mans University, Extended Guest Lecturer at the Uppsala University and visiting scholar at the University of Delaware. The scientific activity of DP  focuses on the physical chemistry of nanostructured magnetic materials (nanoparticles, thin films) and it is presented in more than 80 publications (google scholar citations:~1900; h-index: 24), 5 book chapters, and over 100 communications, including invited (46 personally given) and oral presentations (33 personally given), to national and international conferences and science institutions.

Since 2002 DP has been involved in several popular science events (e.g. Cagliari Festival Scienza, Festival Scienza di Genova; Raw Materials Day-Iglesias), both as an organizer and as a speaker. He is also a member of the Didactic Division of the Italian Chemical Society, editor of the website and member of the Board of the association ScienzaSocietàScienza ( He also team member in several national (e.g. Dalla Ricerca alla scuola…e ritorno, project funded by MIUR) and local coordinator of e.u. project RM @ School, funded by the EIT raw materials.

Gaspare Varvaro Treasurer

Gaspare Varvaro (PhD in Material Science 2007, University “La Sapienza” of Roma, Italy) works as research at the National Research Center (Italy) since 2010. He is member of the Nanostructured Magnetic Material Lab (ISM – CNR) and head of the thin film deposition lab since 2015. His interests span from the fabrication to the characterization of magnetic  properties of nanostructured magnetic materials including single-phase, magnetic composites and hybrid/multifunctional systems (thin films, multilayers, nanoparticles and nano-patterned systems) for fundamental studies and applications (information storage, energy, sensors, biomedicine). His research activity is witnessed by more than 45 papers, 2 book chapters and more than 130 contributions to national and international conferences and workshops. He is co-editor of a book titled “Ultra-High-Density Magnetic Recording: Storage Materials and Media Designs” (Pan Stanford Publishing, 2015).  

He has been member of the organizing, program and scientific committees of several conferences and workshops. He is team member of the MIUR Project "Il Linguaggio della Ricerca- dalla Ricerca alla Scuola...e ritorno". Also, he has been involved in teaching and didactic activities for high-school students ("Linguaggio della Ricerca" Project), PhD students, post-graduates and research professionals in the area of magnetism.