Science is Cool (SCOOL) is a non-profit Cultural Association promoting cultural, educational and formative activities aimed at engaging, at different levels, people with science. In particular, SCOOL activities are finalized at:

  • promoting scientific culture in all its aspects;
  • establishing interactions with scholastic institutions of every level to spread scientific culture amongst young people and, at the same time, strengthen teacher’s competence;
  • organizing national and international scientific conventions;
  • publishing scientific works and articles, through a website and other means of communication according to which is more appropriate;
  • developping and organizing (in schools or in other seats) specific manual, artistic, expressive recreational activities finalized to point out the correlation between scientific culture and the other cultural spheres and to encourage curiosity towards nature and the universe, spirit of initiative, young people’s desire of knowledge;
  • spreading an environmentally-friendly culture, proposing both intellectual and manual research activity on raw materials and recycling.

About Us

Davide Peddis, Sara Laureti and Gaspare Varvaro, founders of SCOOL, are three researchers working at the Nanostructured Magnetic Materials Laboratory (nM2-lab) of the CNR Institute of Structure of Matter (Rome). From the beginning, their studies have been focused on nanostructured magnetic materials and include both the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms and the development of new materials for applications in magnetic recording, biomedicine, energy and sensors. United by a strong passion for research they share laboratory hours, scientific publications, business trips, national and international design experiences, but also holidays, evenings and personal moments with families. It is this enthusiastic synergy that allowed the three friends to recently venture into fruitful didactic projects and successful dissemination activities.